Best Places to Live - UK

While you will find a number of experts in the property market contributing to this web site, the most important information about the best places to live in the UK has to be provided by people with local knowledge. That's the only expertise that can really provide the information that you need to make your own decision about your ideal home location in the UK.

What criteria makes a location one of the best?

The information that you will find here is intended to allow you to set your own criteria. You may, for example, feel that the local standard of education is high on your priorities. The best places to live are, therefore, not a matter for concensus but for your individual, informed, evaluation. Demographics are only a part of the picture and wherever possible, we will encourage local knowledge, opinion and dialogue to supplement the facts.

Here are some of the common considerations:

Do you already live in the best location in the UK?

If you have something good to say about your own area, you could help someone make one of the most decisions of their life by telling us why you believe your location qualifies as one of the best places to live in the UK.

We can provide bare facts and statistics but can go a step further; you can put some flesh on the bones. Is there a sense of community? Do you have good neighbours? On the down-side, do you have to put up with traffic noise? If you were thinking on buying a house, right now, think how much you would appreciate some genuine, unbiased opinion? What is it really like to live in your area?